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Our Vision

To deliver as promised and staying committed to our industry, maintaining service excellence, product reliability and sustainable relationship with a discipline business perspective.

Business hours & General Information:

Texas Air Services, Inc regular business hours are:

Monday to Friday:
from 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM (CST)

Texas Air Services, Inc maintains a 24 hour, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year AOG Service by calling the general contact number (+281-337-7763)

Business Venue:
2602 45th Street
Dickinson, Texas 77539

General contact:
Phone: 281-337-7763
Facsimile: 281-534-4580
Form contact:  HERE


Texas Air Services, Inc is a US based Repair Station with FAA & EASA approval, and specializing in aircraft refurbishment, component repairs & overhaul.
Under contractual agreement with Viking Air Limited of B.C Canada, Texas Air Services, Inc is an appointed Factory Endorse Component Center (FECC) for the overhaul, repair & sale of parts for the Viking Air Limited DHC-100 through 400 series Twin-Otter Aircraft.


Customary communications will be made by phone, e-mail or facsimile or a combination thereof, however when opportunities arise the sales representatives will communicate to the customer by phone to develop good business relationships and promote our services.
Pertinent details of relevant enquiries shall be maintained as part of Texas Air Services, Inc daily business records in electronic format and appropriately backed up or filed hard copy as deemed to be most practical.

Response to customer enquiries

Texas Air Services, Inc will make every possible effort to respond to customer enquiries within 24 hours during regular business hours from the time the enquiry is first received to the time a relevant response is communicated back to the customer.

Customer Satisfaction

To attain the highest level of customer satisfaction both in product reliability and on time delivery, Texas Air Services, Inc endeavors to promote a customer survey by which the customer may provide feedback on their experience.


Product Quality

Texas Air Services, Inc will deliver to its customer a product of the highest quality by adhering to the most current and relevant industry standards available. Adopted standards will be maintained at all times and validated through both internal and customer audits.

Customer Complaints

Every possible effort will be made to resolve any complaints within a timely manner from the date of first receipt. In the event that a complaint cannot be resolved within the promised time, Texas Air Services, Inc will propose an attainable solution to the customer with a tentative date for a final response.

Warranty Terms

New parts will hold Viking Air Limited standard warranty terms & condition as applicable, where as Texas Air Services, Inc will extend to its customers the follow warranty terms, specific to overhaul and repair of DHC6 components.

Texas Air Services, Inc warrants its product to be free from material defects and workmanship, and conforms to its approved data and assembly procedure when released directly from its facility in both new and overhauled condition. Texas Air Services, Inc will warrant its product for a term of six months. The terms & conditions related to this warranty have to be respected entirely for warranty consideration. Installation of the product to an Aircraft type for which it is intended to be used and maintained in accordance with the appropriate maintenance instructions and will only apply for component released directly from it’s facility or authorized distributor in new or overhauled condition. The defect for which the claim is based upon is reported to Texas Air Services, Inc within 15 days of discovery and the unit is returned for evaluation.

Warranty Policy Exception for Hydraulic Components to include Nose Landing Gear. With respect to any claim concerning operational failure, internal corrosion and/or the failure of any plated surfaces, consideration for warranty coverage will not be extended in any case where a strut has been serviced with other than dry nitrogen and/or contamination of hydraulic fluid is evident in any hydraulic component to include the nose landing gear.

Considerations for warranty will automatically be voided if tampering, mishandling or modification is evident during evaluation of the product. Texas Air Services, Inc warranty extends only to the repairs or replacement of the product or part thereof if the product is deemed eligible for warranty upon evaluation.

Texas Air Services, Inc Customer Service Delivery Policy
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