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Beta Slide Bracket

Beta Slide Bracket

The purpose of this repair is to provide a method to return to service the DHC-6 Twin Otter Beta Slide Bracket that has worn the slide slot to the extent that the linkage and signal switch is beyond adjustment of the OEM service limits. The slot in the bracket wears to inconsistent widths creating hard spots and loose non-perpendicular axis for the slide to operate correctly. This condition causes slack in the linkage and misalignment of the ramp for the switch on the slide. Our repair process will restore the bracket to the original dimensions called out by the OEM to allow for proper function of the switch at a much less price than replacing the bracket with a new part.

Approval to Overhaul and Weld the Main Gear Legs as per DeHavilland data. Check our prices for overhaul and exchange.

Nose Landing Gear

Nose Landing Gear Overhaul & Exchanges

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