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Twin Otter Air Stair Door
DHC6-100/200/300 Twin Otter Air Stair Door
Part # C6FS3626-Series

Texas Air Services Inc all Aluminum light weight Air Stair Door provides the exceptional alternative solution for the refurbishment of OEM Air Stair Door.

The repair constitutes replacement of the Foam/KYDEX Composite to all Aluminum.

The replacement of the KYDEX with formed Aluminum panels was the preferred method, as KYDEX has no proven repair in the field. The complete removal of the Foam/KYDEX Composite absolves the possibility of water ingress leading to added weight and onset of corrosion in hidden locations. Substantial amount of weight reduction is experienced following the repair, and the weight difference may exceed 28lbs in comparison to an in-services Door Assembly that has endured water ingress. The inspections and operation of the door remains unchanged with options to install the Door Warning and Snubber attachment point.
The Repair Door Assembly constitutes the installation of new; Outer Skin, Formed Side Panels, Aluminum Steps, Tread Plates, Non-Skid and standard attaching hardware.

Approvals: DER Repair Approval REC6FS3626
DER Structural Load Analysis 08GR759M001
FAA Form 8110-3

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