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Twin Otter Fuel Locking Cap
Viking DHC6 series - Twin Otter Fuel Locking Cap
STC # SA09653RC
Never Lose Another Fuel Cap!
  • Rugged stainless steel hinged fuel cap prevents loss of cap and aircraft damage– even if left unfastened.
  • No chains to break or foul fuel system.
  • Normal servicing and adjustment accomplished without cap removal.
  • All new stainless mounting rings and installation parts, simple installation.
  • Available with standard caps or with security locking caps.

The original design of the fuel locking cap for the Viking Air Ltd Twin-Otter is hinged to a machined steel adaptor with standard locking feature.

The Aircraft Fuel Locking Cap provides an adequate locking method for improved security to the Aircraft by reducing the risk of deliberate fuel contamination . The hinged Fuel Locking Cap has the advantage of staying with the aircraft in the unlikely event that the Fuel Locking Cap is not properly secured before flight.

The adaptor is machined from 304 steel and the Aeronautical Accessories, Inc Fuel Cap is reworked to accommodate the hinge. The chain from the original design is eliminated hence alleviating the task of having to “tuck-in” after each fuelling operation.

The replacement is direct and simple by removing the original Adaptor and Fuel Cap and replacing it with the new design assembly as outlined in Texas Air Services, Inc Installation Instructions.

The approval basis for the locking cap is the FAA 8110-3 Process Specification original release dated, March 26, 2010

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